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The College: An Academic Trade School?

For most Harvard men their Harvard A.B. is no longer enough of an education. Four out of five of last

Report Torture In South Africa

Affidavits which describe the torture of political prisoners in South Africa by electric shocks and beatings have been distributed in

Black Muslim Leader Urges U.S. Negroes To Return to Africa

Louis X, the leader of Boston's Black Muslims, told the Quincy House Africa Table last night that U.S. race problems

PBH Project Helps Dispel Indian Apathy

The line of lavishly costumed Indians stretched across the sacred ground of a Utah mesa. In the darkness it faced

H-R Woodwind Quintet Makes Lively Concert Tour of Mexico

It was an old, cool, church-like auditorium with high stucco walls and an arched roof. In the audience sat 500

Teller Asks Release Of Secrets by U.S.

Nuclear physicist Edward Teller said Wednesday night that the United States should "unilaterally abandon secrecy" to help create "an open

College Negro Club Adopts Constitution

The Harvard Association of African and Afro American Students yesterday adopted a constitution with a membership clause which its leaders

Ole Miss Student Drops Charges Against Anti-Segregationist Artist

The charges of obscenity and desecrating the Confederate flag filed against G. Ray Kerciu, an assistant professor of art at

Israeli Consul, Arab Students Clash Over Resettlement of Arab Refugees

"The Arabs say they will use their refugees to destroy Israel. We will not commit suicide by letting these refugees

Church Fears Senate Will Reject Agreement Banning Nuclear Tests

Idaho's youthful Democratic Senator Frank Church told a Quincy House audience yesterday that the Senate probably would not ratify a

The New Ideologists

Besides creating new independent states the anti-colonial revolutions of the past 15 years have produced a major inflation in the

Model U.N. Hears Plea For U.N. Funds

WASHINGTON, Feb. 24--Richard N. Gardner, deputy assistant Secretary of State for international organization affairs, declared last night that the United

Russian Briefs Harvard UN Group

WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb. 22--As a television set blared out President Kennedy's Thursday press conference, 14 Harvard and Radcliffe delegates to

Bundy Sees Dim Prospects For Agreements

McGeorge Bundy, special assistant to he President of national security affairs, indicated last night that he was pessimistic about prospects

Vellucci Says Yards May Go To University

Alfred E. Vellucci, arch-critic of Harvard for his seven years on the Cambridge City Council, said yesterday that he favored