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Herbert Read Says Form Starts At Crossroads of Consciousness

When does a clay bowl become a work of art? "When its utilitarian function reaches optimum refinement," art critic and

Experts Say: "Plus la change; plus la meme chose"

Nothing is new under the sun But read on for what's been done To make spring fashions sell. The A-line

Rugby Club Strengthened By Gridiron Conversions

If numbers indicate enthusiasm, the Harvard Rubgy Club ought to have a terrific spring season. Since practice began three weeks

Sizzling Icers Vanquish Four Foes, Voted Top Team in Garden Tourney

Harvard's hockey team resolved its schizoid tendencies over Christmas vacation, and rolled up four solid victories. The Crimson was also

Vogue's Bizarre World

The editors of Vogue and Viking Press have put together an impressive anthology by "extracting and re-distilling" the best of

Ruggers Staggered to 2-3 Season; Slow Start, Injuries Plagued Team

Last fall the rugby season got off to a low start but later picked up speed; this year it appeared

Team Closes Fall at 3-2; Spring Outlook Promising

Love for the sport is all that keeps the Harvard Ruby Club going. As an unofficial athletic activity, it confronts

Defending Rugby Club Loses Match In N.Y. 'Seven-A-Sides' Tournament

Harvard, defending champion in the Seven-A-Sides Rugby Tournament, lost in the initial round of play to the First Troop of

Splendid Costumes

"She Walks in Splendor" is an exhibit of luxurious costumes created by famous couturiers over the last five centuries. The