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Edens of Hors d'Oeuvres and Ice Cream

Iruna The Iruna is the epicurean Eden of Cambridge. At 56 Boylston St., on an alley off from the sidewalk,

Fair Find, Middling French

The Green Turtle Cambridge food-eaters are out more for the find than the food. Evidenced by the nightly lines. The

The Coming of Age

T HORSTEIN VEBLEN in his The Theory of the Leisure Class says that the status of women is the best

Burgers, Pasta and Patisserie

OF the Seven Deadly Sins, gluttony has received the least attention from this generation. Judging from the reception accorded to

James Agee Remembered

The Harvard Advocate: Commemorative to James Agee. Vol CV Number Four Feb. 1972 Available Thurs., March 2 at the Union,

The Complete Stories

T HERE IS a real sadness in recognizing an utter master whose work finally disappoints. The Complete Stories of Flannery

One Time, One Place: A Mississippi Album

E udora Welty writes books and short stories. Her Losing Battles is a jewel of a novel about a cracker

The Return of the Vamp

I t is not simply out of "young-people-today" defensiveness that I cite the conclusion to Anatole Broyard's review in the

A Clean Dissection

B iographers have played Halloween with the ghost of Emily Dickinson. They Trick or Treat her remnants and if the