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This Was Your Life?

IF YOU LOVE yearbooks, you may possibly like 337. I've always been skeptical about them, only because almost all I've

Dog Days for Younger Poets

The Harvard Advocate, Winter Issue [Vol. CVI. Number 4.] Available today at the Advocate building and in the House offices.

Robert J. Kiely

U N-STATELY, SLIM, Robert Kiely will have three offices in which to hang his green bookbag next year. His newest

Bewitched Bayou

I DON'T THINK even Gloria Steinem found much to get mad about at last night's Pudding opening. It's not that

Riding to Ann Arbor

I SAW ONE DOCTOR in Mississippi says Mr. Lee softly to be more polite to Mrs. Ellis by quietness, "and

"It's Only A Game, But It's the Only Game"

This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world

"God Bless Drinking In Public"

H E HAD HEARD a good deal about Mr. Norman Mailer, and so walked all the way down Brattle Street

Watermelon Summer

Y OU MAY REMEMBER May 1970. It was the month that began when the clever man who stands a good

Three By Yeats

OR LONG periods of his life William Butler Yeats lived with the unsettling suspicion that he was reliving old myths,

A Game of Canasta

T HIS is a story about Jesse. JESSE AND his friend Jeanne went to visit Jesse's grandparents--Mid and Charles, Esther

French Connection

T here is a studied ambivalence towards ideals in The French Connection, never strong enough to undercut the conventional cops


T he ambition of the Harvard Dramatic Club production of Othello is conspicuous; and if there's always a long distance

The Murmur of the Heart

I ncest is the issue in Louis Malle's new comedy, even though the film manages to reach an ending that

Experiencing Youth

I t's too early for most of us to mourn the passing of our adolescence. We may have to be

The Trial of the Catonsville Nine

C oming at the end of The Trial of the Catonsville Nine is a film-clip of nine men and women