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Dog Days for Younger Poets

The Harvard Advocate, Winter Issue [Vol. CVI. Number 4.] Available today at the Advocate building and in the House offices.

Robert J. Kiely

U N-STATELY, SLIM, Robert Kiely will have three offices in which to hang his green bookbag next year. His newest

Bewitched Bayou

I DON'T THINK even Gloria Steinem found much to get mad about at last night's Pudding opening. It's not that

Riding to Ann Arbor

I SAW ONE DOCTOR in Mississippi says Mr. Lee softly to be more polite to Mrs. Ellis by quietness, "and

"It's Only A Game, But It's the Only Game"

This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world ends. This is the way the world

"God Bless Drinking In Public"

H E HAD HEARD a good deal about Mr. Norman Mailer, and so walked all the way down Brattle Street

Watermelon Summer

Y OU MAY REMEMBER May 1970. It was the month that began when the clever man who stands a good

Three By Yeats

OR LONG periods of his life William Butler Yeats lived with the unsettling suspicion that he was reliving old myths,

A Game of Canasta

T HIS is a story about Jesse. JESSE AND his friend Jeanne went to visit Jesse's grandparents--Mid and Charles, Esther