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Lessons From an Adorable Genius

Faithe and utopias are the noblest exercise of human reason, and no one with a spark of reason in him

William James and Religious Experience

The sanest and best of us are of one clay with lunatics and prison inmates. And whenever we feel this,

Cosmopolite Cosmologist: The Life of William James

The entire man, who feels all needs by turns, will take nothing as an equivalent for life but the fullness

Distinguished Dissenter

In 1940 a lawyer suing to rescind Bertrand Russell's teaching appointment in New York described Russell's writings as lecherous, salacious,

The Farm Problem

Orville Freeman's farm program is a monstrosity. Admittedly, few areas in modern economics present greater complexities than agriculture. And with

Shirer Claims German Nazis Rose Threat

The Bonn foreign office is shot through and through with Nazis," William L. Shirer declared last night the Ford Hall

PBH African Project Meets Budget Goals

PBH's Project Tanganyika has successfully raised the $33,000 necessary to finance its African teaching project. As arrangements now stand, the

1370 Chosen For College's Class of 1965

The College has accepted 1370 students from the more than 5200 who applied for admission to the Class of 1965.

Goldwater Calls New Frontier Policy Throwback to New Deal Interference

"You can teach an old dog new tricks, but it takes too long," Barry Goldwater told the Harvard Young Republicans

Blanshard Suggests Ethical System To Heal Reason-Feeling Dichotomy

To the reflective thinker the inarticulateness of the practical man often makes him seem a strange combination of the wizard

Packard Attacks Current Waste: America Consuming, Not Creating

Americans are finding their satisfaction from life as consumers rather than Vance Packard observed at the Ford Hall Forum. he

Tillich Suggests Solution For Educational Conflict

Paul J. Tillich, University Professor, analyzed the problem of conflicting educational aims in modern civilization last night in a lecture

Koyre Stresses Role of Philosophy in Development of Modern Science

"Philosophy, if not the root of science, is at least the soil in which it grows," Alexandre Koyre, eminent historian

A.M. Pappenheimer, Jr.

On a spring morning in 1926 a Harvard freshman picked up the CRIMSON and read that a new field of

Tutorials In Biochemistry Attract Many

A substantial increase in concentrators in Biochemical Sciences has raised questions regarding the popularity of tutorial instruction in natural science.