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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Live On in Leverett House

"There will be time, there will be time...And time yet for a hundred indecisions/ And for a hundred visions and

Unjustified Machiavelli

Once upon a time, in an Italian town, a young man fell in love with a married woman. After an

Bartlett's Book of Misquotations

"Y OU dirty rat." Everybody knows that screen gangster James Cagney uttered these words in one of his myriad movies.

Pluralism's Consequences: Living With Diversity

Pluralism and its consequences swept through the College in 1988-'89 like no other year. Even as humanities scholars embraced the

Growing Concerns With the Real World

On the ground floor of Widener Library. Harvard's showcase library for academic research, lies showcases of a different sort. Imbedded

From Lady Chatterley to Playboy

On the ground floor of Widener, hidden at the entrance to administrative offices and blocked by equipment, lies a small

City Gives Fly Club Exemption

The City Council last night approved a request to exempt one of the nine-all male final clubs from a proposal

Monkey See, Monkey Do in the City of the Golden Gate

S INCE the advent of stream-of-consciousness, the mark of a good book has never been a plot. Writers, like politicians

Healy Gives Budget Plans To Council

City Manager Robert W. Healy presented the City Council last night with a $235.8 million budget proposal for Cambridge. A