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Oy, Vey! Dershowitz Has a Lot of Chutzpah in Chutzpah

A LAN DERSHOWITZ WAS the only Harvard professor I had heard of before coming Harvard. I avidly read his syndicated

Why I'm Skipping AWARE Week

T HE ARRIVAL OF AWARE Week (Actively Working Against Racism and Ethnocentrism) '91 reminds me of two things. The first

An Amoral Equivalent to Peace

I T IS A COMMONLY noted paradox that war, perhaps the basest of human activities, seems to bring out the

Beyond Good and Evil: The Foolishness of Demonstrators

I DON'T have any problem expressing support for the troops in the Gulf. Some of my best friends, as they

What Jack Kemp Could Teach PBH

I T MAY not be the Straus Cup, but the just-launched "Ecolymplics" is a house rivalry that all students should

Bring Back the Draft

A S SADDAM Hussein's rhetoric becomes more bellicose and President Bush's trigger-finger grows itchier, many Harvard students have come to

Cow-Tipping is a Load of Bull

M Y FAMILY lives 40 miles from the nearest movie theater and the nearest McDonalds, on a farm in a

Glasnost 'til the End

T HE staff position advocates openness and student input in the search for Harvard's next president, but then abandons those

Who's Afraid of United Germany?

R OWDY fans cheered wildly as they disembarked the train from Rome, many of them proudly waving the tricolored German