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Hands Off!

O NE-ACT PLAYS are always difficult to do in series. The problem results from their self-contained nature; they could work

The Exception and the Rule

Security is a fuzzy blanket, or Natural Ice Cream, or Bertoit Brecht. The fuzzy blanket keeps you warm, the Natural

No Exit

" M an should be a determiner of life rather than a victim," says the Hub Theatre Company. In Sartre's

The Bald Soprano

P roducing an Ionesco is usually a choice between doing it straight and emphasizing the naturalistic elements, or stripping down

Theatre The Rimers of Eldritch Hub Theatre Center, Boston Tonight and Saturday

GOING to the Hub is like seeing a play in your neighbor's living room. The theatre is in the basement

Giggles Anything You Say Will Be Twisted

At Agassiz May 12, 13, 14, 15 PEOPLE in period costumes drift onto the stage. They start playing games, tag