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Hedonism At the Heartbreak Hotel

It's a Complex World Directed by James Wolpaw. Distributed by Hemdale Films, Produced by Hearbreak Hits. Playing at the Copley

For a Subtle Chill

There was a time when horror movies capitalized on atmosphere instead of gore. During the forties, Val Newton of RKO

Menace and Murder In Upstate New York:

The key to a successful mystery these days is setting. Agatha Christie and Murder, She Wrote exhausted all the possible

Sweet Melvin

Y ou're not an Afro-Am or VES concentrator. You couldn't make it into Sanders Theater during shopping period. Maybe you're

Time to Put the 1960s to Rest

The time has come to put the 1960's to rest. In his book Generation X, Douglas Coupland throws the first

Doug Coupland Speaks On the Trail of Generation X

The Crimson recently spoke with Doug Coupland, author of Generation X. The following are excerpts from that conversation. Q: The