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Harvard Assists Student Mothers

T he idea of becoming a single mother frightened Anna N. Payanzo '00 enough, but the news also came at

Student Moms Juggle Schoolwork, Parenting

T he carriage Gina M. Ocon '98-'00 steers is too wide to fit into the narrow aisle of the shuttle

Mother of Four Kids Returns To Harvard

N ot all undergraduate mothers at Harvard are under 25. Suzanne Girlando '68-'96, had four children when she graduated Harvard

"Did you go to the Head of the Charles? What did you think of it?"

"I was there really quickly. It was crowded. It was nice to see everyone out by the river. I wish

First-Years Make Light Of New Halogen Restriction

Among the many pieces of mail that Harvard sent out this summer, few caused as much of a stir as

Groups Discuss Future of Tasty

Community and student groups met in Emerson Hall last night to discuss the proposed demolition of four historic Harvard Square

Shiny Happy Quadlings

On the morning of March 20, large numbers of first-year students began crying, screaming and cursing the administration when they


H aving a hard time dealing with academics? Classes can be pretty demanding, and often consume lots of time. However,

taking time off

N eed a break from attending lectures, studying for exams and writing papers? Has spending some time away from Harvard