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Making the Campus Safe For the 'Nice Republicans'

T HE CAMPUS LINE on Harry James Wilson is that he is the nicest Republican you'll ever meet. It's not

Educating Ourselves: A Newspaper's Balancing Act

T he First Amendment to the Constitution awards newspapers a special place in our society. The Constitution gives newspapers great

44 Percent Would Get Top House Choice

The "enhanced choice" housing lottery plan endorsed by the Undergraduate Council last Sunday would enable approximately 44 percent of rising

Preppies Can Change

The staff is right to criticize the members of Eliot House who forced the return of paper cups to the

Summer Enrollment Drops

The total number of students enrolled in the summer school declined slightly this year while the percentage of foreign students

Family Partner issue Debated

A quibble turned into a unbridled yelling match Wednesday as City Councillors traded charges of "political correctness" and "homophobia" over

Council Appoints Drury City Clerk

At a special meeting Wednesday, the City Council appointed temporary city clerk D. Margaret Drury to fill position permanently. The

Voter Registration Declines

The number of people registered to vote in the city so far this year has dipped well below the mark

Ignoring Issues, Seeking Scandals

Every year they say it will be different, but every year it's the same old thing. During each presidential campaign,

City's Hotel Industry Increases 7.1 Percent

BOSTON--Hotel occupancy rates in Cambridge climbed a whopping 7.1 percent this year, signaling that the darkest days of the local

Harvard Should Overhaul Its Mediocre Advising

I n an interview with the Crimson last week, Elizabeth Nathans, the new dean of first-year students, said that working

Top Headlines on a Fickle Campus

Harvard students receive piles of publications at their doorsteps every day, most of them filled with stories and opinions on

Confessions of a Wait-Listed First-Year

It wasn't an inspiring essay, nor was it the fact that my parents went to graduate school here. I got

Magic Johnson Cancels Medical School Speech

Basketball legend Magic Johnson has canceled his Class Day speech at the Medical School, saying he wants to be with

An Open Letter

Early this morning the Harvard Salient distributed posters labeled "Another Episode of Crimson Hypocrisy." The posters compared the Harvard Law