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H.M.S. Pinafore

Are you tired of your newspaper with its lockout and stall-in reports? Tired of TV's British satire and hillbilly corn?

The Ceremony

The inconsistency of a brutal penal code in an enlightened society has long troubled civilized men from the days of

Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd is like a mediocre Victorian novel. Filled to overflowing with weird characters and wild situations, the play nonetheless

The Elusive Corporal

From Jean Renoir we expected more. In his 1938 masterpiece, The Grand Illusion, Renoir established the pattern for future prison

The Balcony

Genet's Balcony is now a movie. Aficianadoes of the author will be horrified at the amount of revision Ben Maddow

Eliot Triumphs in Crew Competition; Winthrop Runner-Up, Quincy Third

The Eliot crew glided to an easy victory in the final house race, held yesterday over a mile course in

Eighth Day of the Week

Eighth Day of the Week is another in the long series of Loeb Experimental near-misses. This view of life in

The Island

The Island is a film with a realistic and simple story, well-executed by a superb photographer. Unfortunately it becomes as

Mr. Arkadin

The minor flaws in all but one of Orson Welles' extraordinary films are particularly maddening because they are unnecessary. Since