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Vote Buchanan for Real Leadership

P AT IN '92: "They have no vision. They have no ideas. They are frightened of the truth. They are

It's Not So Simple

H yperbolic utterings about "gaybashing" and "homophobia" aside, there is a massive difference between being against homosexuals and being against

Mozart Didn't Need It

A TTEMPTING to justify printing the above "lyrics" three times in the last seven days, the staff makes an incoherent

What About Democracy?

W E COULD ARGUE for the preservation of Adams House's traditional, unique atmosphere or speak of the great pleasures of

Making a Distinction

W E AGREE with Grunwald's assertion that this is more than an issue of offending sensibilities. This is an issue

Lawyers Criticize Death Penalty Abuse in South

Capital punishment in the South often victimizes Blacks and the poor, and is often the result of racism, demagoguery or

City May Name New Fire Chief This Week

Cambridge officials have narrowed their list of contenders to replace retiring Fire Chief Thomas Scott down to three names and

A Threat To Education?

F OR THE PAST TWO YEARS, state education officials have been learning to groan inwardly with each passing revelation about

Cancel the Head? Well, Not This Year

Old regattas don't die, they just keep going, and going, and going and going... Overcoming administration angst, mayoral meddling and