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Harvard's Boxing Renaissance Man

When the ring announcer at tonight's "Fight Against Leukemia" boxing exhibition introduces the first segment of an 11-match card between

Frank Talk About Hoop

Frank McLaughlin is a master salesman. Some even said when he first arrived (in the fall of 1977) that he

Gamecocks Top Crimson; Rally Fails In 85-71 Loss

Ask coach Frank McLaughlin about the technical foul straw that broke the Crimson camel's back last night before 8759 screaming

Horatio Alger, With Chutzpah

It's late October, the and LSAT registration rush is on at the "Stanley H. Kaplan Educational Center" in Boston. It's

Harvard Hoop: A New Look and a Tough Slate

You can't tell the players without a scorecard (or a freshman register), but Coach Frank McLaughlin hopes that his "kiddie-corps"

Mary Howard: Captain and Character

Sorry, Beach Boys. Big girls do cry. Just ask Mary Howard, Harvard's emotional field hockey co-captain, who combines artistry with

Curry Eyes Giant Catch

Good Morning! Before those 'wonderful' eggs benedict betray your stomach, it's time once again to check in with the Journal.

Lights Edge Princeton, Cream Bulldogs

The Kevin Cunningham show debuted on the Charles River just in time for the 'Big Three' Goldthwait Cup race, and

Harvard Crews Leave Opponents in Their Wake

Shake and bake. That's what master chef John Higginson did to his lightweight crew squad, and the result--a nine second