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Turning Soft on ROTC

S OMETHING STRANGE has been going on in the decision-making circles of the Harvard administration lately. Don't get me wrong--on

Rosanne's Vomit

Married With Children is often called the epitome of the Fox "anti-sitcom"--the Bundys are everything the Bradys were not. But

The Mario Scenario

When a politician says he has no plans to run for president, we say he is "sitting this one out."

Lowell House Bungles Bernstein

There is a recurring image in popular culture--perhaps from cartoons, or maybe sitcoms--of a mother dragging her son to an

Nice Choice. Why So Secret?

T HE FIRST TIME that Harvard's student press encountered Neil Rudenstine, he was slipping out a side entrance of Boston's

Deli Day for Afro-Am

T HE MAIN HEADLINE of last Thursday's Crimson trumpeted that notoriously hip filmmaker Spike Lee would be teaching a one-semester


It is difficult to imagine an itinerary which would take an enterprising traveler from the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, through

In Poland, It's Sachs Versus Socialism

Few Harvard professors can claim that they have been compared to Indiana Jones, John Kenneth Galbraith and Herbert Hoover. True,

Bulgarian President Seeks Harvard's Aid

The first non-communist president in Bulgaria's post-war history visited Harvard yesterday, meeting with President Derek C. Bok to discuss ways