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Dr. Spock

"The main job of a pediatrician is not to cure normal diseases--the children do that themselves--but rather to reassure the

Analysis of Meyer Levin's 'Fanatic': A 'Basic Problem' Badly Presented

In his introduction to The Fanatic, Meyer Levin explains carefully that this is not a book about real people, as

Tom Jones

Tony Richardson, John Osborne, and Albert Finney are three talented young men who are known more for their anger than

The American Way of Life and Death

In 1960, Americans spent 1.6 billion dollars on funerals. This is slightly more than the estimated cost of providing books,

Further Views On The 'Two Cultures'

Here are three commentaries on the relation of science to the humanities. All are different; none supports the thesis of

Nine Trounces B.C., 5-0 Take GBL Title

The varsity baseball team win clinched the Greater Boston League title for the second consecutive year as they stomped Boston

Varsity Dumps Judges 25-3; 14 Scored in Seventh

Unpredictable as ever, the baseball team bounced back from its 7-5 loss at Princeton last weekend to clobber Brandeis, 25-3.

The Shape of the Future

PROFILES OF THE FUTURE: An inquiry into the Limits of the Possible, by Arthur C. Clarke, Harper and Row, 234

Life in the Stone Age

This is a book that would have annoyed Rousseau; probably he would have accused the writer of bias, and of