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Fudge Meets Flash

There's a niche for Beck. You file him under "flash." Flash (as a musical term) was created for him. The

Take it Easy, But Take it From Somewhere

It's become clear that rock 'n' roll has reached a crossroads. The music has developed to a point where innovation

Child's Claim to Fame

A NNE'LL TELL you about Poco. At the drop of a hat. She's told me about them more often than

Never A Dull Moment

Rod Stewart's Never a Dull Moment continues and solidifies the tradition of the picaresque in rock music that he established

'You Guys Aren't Exactly Muscle Beach'

From the stage, there are only remembered pictures, the knowledge that Jagger pads his crotch; the star on his forehead,

Searching for the Lion

It's possible that St. Dominic's Preview, his new album, is a retreat for Van Morrison. Which I'm not holding against

There's Silver in the Mainstream

Diane first told us about Argent. It was two years ago, and a friend and I used to go into

Spirits in the Sky

I'd had the lead line composed for weeks--"It's a tribute to Faces that they've been banned from all the country's

Do Ya Like Good Music?

"Well I love that dirty water, Boston, you're my home..." The Shandells Boston became a rock and roll town in