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In Contempt of the Constitution

N early one month ago I argued on this page that every Harvard student--not to mention every parent who pays

UHS's Silence on Abortion

E very full-time Harvard student funds elective abortions. That is, unless he or she takes the extraordinary step of writing

In Defense of Liberal Education

W hat is liberal education? This question is not easy to answer. But it is worth the trouble of answering,

The Shady Legacy of Affirmative Action

A s right-wingers and resentful whites step up the attack on affirmative action, it's easy to lose sight of the

What Not To Say at Commencement

T he class of 1994 has already started graduating from Colleges and universities across the country, and commencement speakers are

Balancing Ethnic Studies

With proponents of ethnic studies at Harvard still pressing their demands (they've planned a "teach-in" for this Wednesday), now is

Guinier's New Look

A fter the thrashing she took on editorial pages last year as a multicultural extremist and a "quota queen," it

The Odd Couple?

W hen Camille Paglia addressed a packed auditorium at the Kennedy School last Thursday night, she was introduced by Kenan

The Arguments for Tolerance

A s the dust from the free speech wars settles, let's pause to ask ourselves a naive question: Exactly why

The Virtues of Ambivalence

A fter Professor Harvey C. Mansfield called gay love "shameful" and inherently "imperfect and stunted and frustrated," the Bisexual, Gay

With Friends Like These...

AN OLD GREEK named Ibycus said a long time ago that "an argument needs no reason, nor a friendship." For

Noble Lies and the Search for Veritas

T omorrow, the Class of 1997 will become the first class in Harvard's history to be forced to attend mandatory,

Making Affirmative Action Work

T he lead article in last week's issue of The Independent [April 29, 1993] confirmed what many people already suspected:

The Diversions of 'Diversity'

T he most sterile, empty debate at Harvard is over the question of diversity. Not only is there no rational

Multicultural Malaise

T he idea of an Ethnic Studies program or department at Harvard has had some trouble rousing all but a