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Without Honor

L ast week in The Crimson, Tehshik P. Yoon '96 naively called for the introduction of an honor code in

Mega-Dumb, More Like It

Even at number 41 in the convention center rankings, Boston already has a fine, modern facility in the Hynes Convention

The Revenge of Chicken Little

P eople made fun of Chicken Little when he ran around shouting that the sky was falling. But in the

Driving Down the Highway

I 've always dreamed of jumping in my car and driving west, until North Carolina and the Atlantic were far

A Dubious Welcome--to the Quad

S ome people fear the return of school, the end of the idyllic and lazy days of summer. But after

Brown Speech Attacks Businesses, Government, Media as 'Corrupt'

Alleging a "banquet feast of corruption" in the national political scene, former California governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. attacked media,

Set Your Software Free

"D on't use commercial software, and if you have to, at least use an illegal copy," was the most memorable

Reading Rudenstine's Email

R ight now, I'm reading your electronic mail. I have no idea who you are, but you made a mistake.


If the 10,000 men of Harvard want victory later in life, they should continue to exercise after graduation, according to

Computers Go Down

Science Center computers late last night shut down when the main-frame cooling system failed, leaving many students unable to access