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Party Over, Out of Time

A s an intrepid investigative journalist and wistful senior, I've been going to a lot of senior bars lately trying

Return Ticket

M ANY of us who were children in the early 1970s and whose parents were the least bit hip grew

No Yellow Brick Road Will Lead to Hollywood

Everyone knows that enough practice gets a performer to Carnegie Hall--but there is no such easy and direct route to

Guns of August

Miss Julie By August Strindberg Directed by Adam Hyman At the North House Holmes Living Room Tonight and tomorrow night

Reggae and Rock

Jimmy Cliff At Briggs Cage November 12 Richard Thompson At Sanders Theater November 13 I don't get it. For nearly

Cleaning Up the Brown Cloud

D ENVER NOW has the dubious distinction of having the worst air pollution problem in the country. This is not

Where the Snide Talk Ends

Things Change Written by David Mamet and Shel Silverstein Directed by David Mamet At the USA Harvard Square D AVID

Keith Richards Breaks the Silence

Talk Is Cheap Keith Richards Virgin Records W ITH the long-awaited Talk Is Cheap, Keith Richards becomes the last Rolling

Cinema Veritas

Imagine: John Lennon Written by Sam Egan and Andrew Solt Directed by Andrew Solt At the USA Harvard Square S

Wicked Good Fun

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Written by Sam Egan, John Paragon and Cassandra Peterson Directed by James Signorelli At the

Parador Uber Alles

Moon Over Parador Screenplay by Paul Mazursky and Leon Capetanos Directed by Paul Mazursky At the USA Charles O NE

Making Folk Music With a Hard Edge

By day, Julie Woods '81-'86 is a mild-mannered, Harvard-educated administrator with American Science and Engineering in Cambridge. But by night,

My Kind of Frank, Chicago's Is

Chicago Frank's 8 Eliot St. H AVE you despaired of finding a worthy version of that sublime culinary experience known

Just a Story About Some Cowboys

Curse of the Starving Class Written by Sam Shepard Directed by Heather Gunn At the Loeb Experimental Theater Through July

Eddie Murphy Liberates Himself

Coming to America Written by David Sheffield and Barry W. Blaustein Directed by John Landis At the USA Cinema 57