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Privacy, The Internet and Me

I have a box that I keep underneath my desk of all the letters I've received since I was two

Fat Day Singer `Moves Kind of Funky'

Pakulski, Matthew D. Harvard '94. Height: 5'7" Weight: 155 lbs. From Holworthy, Dunster, the Fat Day House in Somerville, and

Of Tango, Bluegrass, and surf Music...

The Complete American Clav'e Recordings Astor Piazzolla Rounder Records T he passing of Argentinean bandoneon master Astor Piazzolla in 1990

`Get rid of all the crooks'

"It's foolish to pay rent." Concepcion Picciotto's speech is punctuated by forceful statements that belie her girlish, lurching sing-songy voice.

All About Margo

In between every song of the Cowboy Junkies' 90-minute set last Friday at Avalon, a woman on the right side

Red, Hot and Bluegrass

Last year's Songstreet Bluegrass and Folk Festival was a turnaway sellout. With local newgrass star Northern Lights, folk-pop icon Jonathon

Jazz Clubs Around Boston

The Middle East -480 Mass. Ave, Central Square, Cambridge; 497-0576. The Middle East includes a fair number of jazz acts

Reissued Rhino Records Shine Once Again

Rhino Records has come to refer to itself as the master of reissue. For once, a company's rhetoric matches its

Make It Funky

Rhino Records, 1993 F unk, from that FUNky B.O. growing in your pits, from the stink between the sheets, with

Bela Fleck: `Pleasing, interesting sounds'

It's after eight. The lights went off about twenty minutes ago, and for the first time, banjoist Bela Fleck approaches

10,000 Maniacs Pull the Plug

10,000 Maniacs MTV Unplugged; Elektra A couple of years ago, two guys were sitting in the MTV offices in downtown

Human Oddities

The Black Rider; Island Records L adies and gentlemen, Harry's Harbour is proud to present, under the Big Top tonight,

Reflections On Race and Class

S itting here in the Crimson newsroom, the view is pretty much the same as its been for the past

A Photographer's Journey to Find Chicken, Chicken and Dead Chicken

The 69 bus doesn't run this early. Five thirty on a cool Friday morning, and I was biking down Cambridge

There is something wrong

12:30 a.m. Sunday, October 24, 1993 Dear Diary: Saturday night lying in my bed unable to sleep and suddenly profoundly