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Carter Wilson: Dreams and Visionary Insights

W HEN CARTER WILSON '63 taught writing at Harvard several years ago, he hung a small, hand-lettered sign in his

On Heroine-Worship

O UR HEROINES, like our dreams, tell us who we are and who we hope to become. The sources of

Afternoon with Allen Tate

Q uite a few people this side of the Grolier bookshop, not otherwise philistines, have recently admitted that they don't

A Fan's Notes Tarantula

The Macmillan Company, 137 pp.; $4.95 june, 1966 dear Mr. Zimmerman, among many other things I want to thank you

The Prisoner of Sexism Jail and Roses

IF FREEDOM is the American dream, prison is too often the American reality. Most kids in this country spend the

Another Clearance of the Evils of Winter

Running into the Radcliffe Gym, you are of course late and barely miss stepping on a pair of glasses left

Books The Wheel of Love and Other Stories

Vanguard Press, 440 pp.; $6.95. WOMEN'S confessions are swamping the media. Lady Bird Johnson tells McCall's' readership what it was

Paranoia Walking the Streets

ANY WOMAN who has grown up in New York City is supposed to be accustomed to handling street hassles. If

Meat Air

Harcourt, Brace, and World, Inc.: $5.95. WITHOUT fanfare or advance publicity, R?? Loewinsohn became the first poet in Harvard?? history