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More News on the Cowboy Junkies

T he Cowboy Junkies are what would have happened to country music in a world without Ronald Reagan (and Garth

Derrida's Cinders

Cinders By Jacques Derrida University of Nebraska Press $25.00 T here is one really good joke in Jacques Derrida's Cinders.

From Poetic Lyrics to Lyric Poetry

Buried somewhere in the left speaker of the Velvet Underground's "The Murder Mystery," Lou Reed speaks "with words nearly singed."

One National Point of Light

A S GEORGE BUSH attempts to fill his 1000-member army by drafting a new point of light every day, as

Back to Death, Back to Reality

We live in a world of shit. When you watch COPS, you see just how bad things are, day in,

DeWolfe: Typical Harvard Mess

D EWOLFE IS A MESS. Two days ago, a federal court order banned new sewer permits in Massachusetts, cramping administration

A Cowardice Manifesto

"What do you think of the war?" "I'm against it." "Why?" "Because I'm a coward and a traitor." T HE

The Myth of 'Politically Correct'

S OME day, when the catch-phrase-turned-cliche "political correctness" has "passed away," there will be an inquest. The authorities will have

Democracy? What's in it for Us?

CASE 1. A group of Palestinians is gunned down in the occupied territories. The United Nations moves to condemn Israel.