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Luminaries of Modern American Literature Give Women a Cultural Voice

Most readers will immediately recognize Mickey Pearlman and Katherine Usher Henderson's new title. A Voice of One's Own, as a

Stop Teaching English Lit.

H ARVARD University fancies itself The Premier University of the West. It is the vanguard of Classical, European and American

It's On Line, Off Line, and Back Again in the Chorus

For the two nights it shows in New York before its close on Saturday, A Chorus Line will remain the

Pauley Addresses Graduates

As the notoriously materialistic decade of the '80s draws to a close, America must renew concern for its future and

Harvard's Not-so-Liberal Boutique Goes to Washington

At the height of last summer's presidential campaign, then-Vice President George Bush charged that his opponent, Gov. Michael S. Dukakis--a

Work of 36 Students Honored In Harvard Hoopes Competition

The Hoopes Committee recently announced the names of 35 seniors and one junior who were awarded the Thomas T. Hoopes

A News Anchor Balances Work and Home

In the age of post-feminism, the working mother has occupied the center of attention. She is living proof, people say,

Patients Discuss AIDS

Doctors who should be easing the suffering of AIDS patients are often guilty of prejudice and insensitivity, members of a