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HRO, HGC, and Radcliffe Choral Society

The Glee Clubs and the HRO seem to be good for each other. At least, when they combined for Haydn's

The Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra

The HRO showed off two supreme musicians Friday night: flutist Karen Monson '66, and pianist Ursula Oppens '65. They are

Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra

The HRO got off to a slow start Friday night, but it was worth the wait. Their closing performance of

New York Theatre I:

Anyone with even a superficial knowledge of existentialism and Marxism can sense a basic incompatibility between the two dogmas. Jean-Paul

Vietnam: A More Realistic View

At the time of the CRIMSON editorial last October, the United States was bombing North Vietnam. While supporting the administration,

Harvard Review

Despite what you may have heard from your friends at the Law School, law can be interesting--especially if it is

HRO, HGC, and Radcliffe Choral Society

The excitement of an event is magnified if it is preceded by boredom. Thus, the excitement of the best moments

Lowell Davidson Trio

By last Thursday night, Lowell Davidson had already gone full circle in his style. Before playing with Ornette Coleman in

Slow Dance on the Killing Ground

William Hanley's Slow Dance on the Killing Ground is kind of a New York version of Sartre's No Exit. Three