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Witnesses to Swaggart

I T was a lovely warm evening in Baton Rouge, when I was sitting with two friends on the curb

Educators Critique Harvard in Report

An external review of Harvard released this week by a team of prominent educators offers a broad indictment of the

Blood Brothers

W HEN A young writer publishes his first novel, there is a certain excitement, an anticipation that he may become

Harvard Vies for Science Grant

Harvard and 15 other New England colleges and universities are submitting a joint proposal for a grant to bolster undergraduate

Louisiana Politics: Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler to a Stop

L OUISIANA is probably best known for two things: its food and its politics. Neither lacks spice, to say the

Expos Head Criticizes Students' Writing

The director of the Expository Writing Program, in a 21-page report released yesterday, said Harvard undergraduates suffer from poor writing

Integrating the Gay and Straight

NEW HAVEN--The scene: Atticus, one of those bookstore-cafes where chic people gather over cappacino and Kant. Matthew J. Reich, in

Departments Scramble for Office Space

After winning a lengthy battle last year to become an academic concentration, Women's Studies appeared finally to have found a

A Play Within a Play

W E RETURN to the sheltered environment of Harvard, looking ahead to the Real World with confidence that our integrity