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'Freedom Rides'

(The following represents a minority opinion of the Editorial Board on the "reverse Freedom Rides" discussed here yesterday.) A busload

The Yearbook

When I am an old grad and my bones hurt and I vote Republican, I'll probably enjoy this year's yearbook.

Three Plays

At the very end of his life, Yeats returned to the theatre. He was still haunted by a desire to

Peace Decorum

Those Hasty Pudding guys sure have a lot of fun. Every year they put on a musical, and some of

The Literary Left

Writing recent history can become a painful exercise in intellectual humility. There is no quicker way to discover how much

The Savage Eye

Movie reviewers are pretty hard to find during exam period, so this review of The Savage Eye comes too late

The Rest Is Silence

Sometimes an imaginative Orson Welles turns out a modern-dress Julius Caesar that amounts to something more substantial than a set

T. S. Eliot

When he was a younger and a crueler man, T. S. Eliot once sketched himself: How unpleasant to meet Mr.

The Rain Never Falls

Think of men fighting in a fallout shelter after a nuclear attack. A gruesome situation, and a brilliant one for