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Mao on the Potomac

A YEAR AGO this month, Richard Nixon travelled to the People's Republic of China. All the nice things people have

Recounting McGovern's Defeat While the Body Is Still Warm

I N OCTOBER, THE MONTH when campaigns are supposed to move into high gear, George McGovern's national political coordinator, Frank

How to Re-Elect an Armadillo

S HORTLY AFTER ARRIVING in New York to cover President Nixon's Veterans Day motorcade through Westchester County, I went to

An Innocent Abroad

A MERICAN "FACT FINDING" missions to regimes trying to crush guerrilla movements have been numerous over the last decade. Thus,

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This must seem a peculiar moment to publish a supplement about George Orwell. As we write, the Pan African Liberation

Strike Against Imperialism

LAST THURSDAY night's strike vote, which comes due again tonight, has constituted a somewhat vague mandate for action, and one

Free Life on the Streets

S TREET PEOPLE have too often been straw people: embodiments of the various fantasies of the value-judgers of the adult

Gulf in Angola

There is in this turbulent land a storehouse of pain and trouble confused mother of fear, Hell in Life. Land

Farber Releases Report On Gulf Oil Investments

The Administration, though it is playing a waiting game on the Gulf--Angola question, is tilting towards support for the proxy

About This Issue

This Supplement is the first fruit of an attempt to revive an old form of Crimson journalism: the quirky, eccentric,

Between Moratorium and People's War

( This analysis of the May Day actions in Washington, D. C. originally appeared in the CRIMSON of May 14,

MAYDAY Between Moratorium and People's War

On May 4, 1886 at Haymarket in Chicago, police broke up a peaceful rally by the Knights of Labor to

Protests Erupt Over Invasion of Laos

Students across the country reacted to the Allied invasion of Laos yesterday, demanding the immediate end of the expanding Southeast

Send Your Cards and Letters In: Harvard Seeks a New President

President Pusey has roughly 325 days left as the 24th President of Harvard University. The Harvard Corporation hopes to have

Sorting Out City Life

DURING the week I allow my restlessness as an inescapable condition of city life. It seems peculiar only when I