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Recounting McGovern's Defeat While the Body Is Still Warm

I N OCTOBER, THE MONTH when campaigns are supposed to move into high gear, George McGovern's national political coordinator, Frank

How to Re-Elect an Armadillo

S HORTLY AFTER ARRIVING in New York to cover President Nixon's Veterans Day motorcade through Westchester County, I went to

An Innocent Abroad

A MERICAN "FACT FINDING" missions to regimes trying to crush guerrilla movements have been numerous over the last decade. Thus,

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This must seem a peculiar moment to publish a supplement about George Orwell. As we write, the Pan African Liberation

Strike Against Imperialism

LAST THURSDAY night's strike vote, which comes due again tonight, has constituted a somewhat vague mandate for action, and one

Free Life on the Streets

S TREET PEOPLE have too often been straw people: embodiments of the various fantasies of the value-judgers of the adult

Gulf in Angola

There is in this turbulent land a storehouse of pain and trouble confused mother of fear, Hell in Life. Land

Farber Releases Report On Gulf Oil Investments

The Administration, though it is playing a waiting game on the Gulf--Angola question, is tilting towards support for the proxy

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This Supplement is the first fruit of an attempt to revive an old form of Crimson journalism: the quirky, eccentric,