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Like a Bat Out of Hell

M ANY OF God's creatures are built for speed: The lean and hungry cheetah. The soaring spine-tailed swift. And let

Teaching and Doing

T HERE WAS ONCE a time when being a writing teacher fell under the old aphorism that "Those who can't

The Good Woman of Serban

W HEN IT CAME to raping and pillaging the works of others, no 20th-century playwright could hold a candle to

Brain-Addled Air Junkies

H EY YOU!" I froze. This was the most terrifying sound a struggling writer could hear, the voice of sadism,

Harvard Theater

Writtem by Brian Friel Directed by Ben Evett At the Adams House Kronauer Space Tonight through Monday W HAT'S HOT

On Opera:

W HY IS IT that when Americans go to the opera they look like they are at death's door? Perhaps


Sweettable at the Richilieu at the American Repertory Theatre directed by Andrei Serban S WEETTABLE AT THE RICHILIEU is the


A BOUT HALF-WAY through Arthur Kopit's nuclear war comedy End of the World with Symposium to Follow the protagonist, who

A Writer in Writer's Clothing

Mary Robison, critically acclaimed author and Briggs Copeland Assistant Professor in English, met her present spouse, James, when he "offered

Inter-Stella Space

Working Space By Frank Stella Harvard University Press; $14.95; 167 pages. F RANK STELLA IS the Daniel Boone of the

The Lords of Discipline

T HE RUMOR spread from one den of undergraduate iniquity to another, from the decadent pleasure parlors of Westmorely Court

Drama Critics Critiqued; More 'Advocacy' Needed

At a time when non-profit theaters are eclipsing the marquees of Broadway, theater critics must become strong advocates of the

Of Max Headroom and Kurosawa

Ran By Akira Kurosawa Shambhala; 112 pages; $19.95. Max Headroom: 20 minutes into the future By Steve Roberts Vintage; $5.95.

Dazed and Confused

W E WERE WAITING at a stoplight in Central Square when I noticed two women in long formal gowns waving

Art for Art's Sake

T HEY WANTED to tell me about atrocities. They wanted to tell me about repression, of Jews, Christians, Estonians, Poles,