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Profit Without Honor

O F ALL THE TRADITIONALLY finessed contradictions in the position of great private universities in America, none is greater than

Dear Archie/Dear Katherine

I N A NEW YORK TIMES Book Review piece last fall on Joseph Lash's Fleanor and Franklin. Professor Frank Freidel

Kearns Named Associate Professor

The Government Department voted Thursday to make Doris H. Kearns, assistant professor in the department, an associate professor. Although the

'Lowell Lec, This is Sanders'

For about 24 hours beginning Wednesday evening, Harvard students weren't on strike. But the failure of the Graduate Student-Teaching Fellow

Ideas and Coercion

A belief in freedom of expression is not simply an instinctive feeling that anyone should be able to think and

Hailey Finds The Fountainhead

W ho buys the books at the top of the New York Times bestseller list? According to an article in

Bok Calls Education His Greatest Concern

President Bok told the Faculty of Arts and Sciences yesterday that he hopes his early emphasis on administrative reform will

The Greening of Yale

The game ended abruptly as the ball was pushed over a locked fence, and Mr. Capiello, with other campus policemen,

Harvard College Fund Gets Record Donations

Donations to the Harvard College Fund will set a new record this school year. As of three days ago, the