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THE RIVERSIDE BOOK OF VERSE 1250-1925. Compiled by Robert M. Gay. Boughton Mifflin Co., Boston, 1927. $3.00.

A NTHOLOGIES, notably elastic things, are usually indicative of the anthologist's turn of mind; every reader hopes that somewhere in

LABELS, by A. Hamilton Gibbs. Little Brown and Company, Boston. 1926. $2.00.

I N his third novel Major Hamilton Gibbs has continued his struggle to put down on paper his reactions to

Variety in Graduates' Magazine

A wide variety of subject-matter characterizes the March issue of the Graduates' Magazine. In addition to the usual faculty and

Praise for Sophomore Blue Book

The class of 1918 will have an elaborate menu card for their dinner tonight in the new Sophomore Blue Book.

Current Illustrated Well Received

The report of an eye witness is always interesting, and when the event is the European war, and the witness