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Scott's Tame Prince Hamlet Has Wit But Lacks Passion

B Y CHOOSING TO SET WILLIAM Shakespeare's "Hamlet" in a vaguely 1930's, vaguely military society under dictatorial rule, director Eric

Where are the Lomans of Yesteryear?

Hopelessly stuck in the past, The Colonial Theatre's production of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman will soon attempt to

Happily Ever After: Dances & Fairytales

A premier ballet company gains distinction by adding to the established repertoire, either by reviving lost works, or defining new

Offensive Swings A Hit and a Strike

Lavishly billed "OUT on the Edge 1995," this year's Festival of Lesbian and Gay Theater, sponsored by The Theater Offensive,

Visiting Director Program Sparks Debate

Tonight is a night of many unveilings. When Harvard kicks off its third annual ARTS First Weekend with the East

Complicated Rhythm

American Festival II The Boston Ballet at the Wang Center (T. Boylston) April 6-8 at 8 pm, April 9 at

Broadway-Bound Translations Gets Lost in Its Stars

Translations Brian Friel directed by Howard Davies at the Colonial Theater, Boston through February 26 Scheduled to open on Broadway