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'Cause You Forgot About Bill

What? Say what? The president did what? Oh man, hey, that’s all good, baby. In these opening lines to the

The Policy of Truth

It’s tempting for those of us who have recently lost an election to conclude that American voters are just stupid.

The Long View

The “moral values” theory of how the Democrats lost in 2004 is a typical product of modern American punditry. It

How Not to Sell Out

The day after Senator Kerry conceded the election, George W. Bush shared some curious revelations about his advisers with reporters.

A Pre-9/11 Mentality

I can’t help feeling embarrassed for the president whenever he attacks John Kerry on the “mentality” issue. And I don’t

You Say You Want a Revolution?

I asked Paul Krugman, a Princeton economist, what he thought about the widespread perception that his colleagues are an incorrigibly

Marshall Plan vs. Man With No Plan

Not only has President Bush made a wreck of Iraq; he’s now come out with yet another attempted rationalization for

Our Manmohan in India

Bush and Kerry are working hard to drum up support, but neither, to date, has received any letters written in

Simply Staggering

Paul Bremer’s past life came back to haunt him last Sunday. On February 26, 2001, after chairing the Clinton-appointed National