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The Lamont Education

Senior week enforces a discriminatory nostalgia. The more we party, the more we miss partying, and the more we miss

Wise Beyond Their Years

“it’s just the feeling on campus that you’re among people who are on average smarter, more involved and cooler than

How Opal Mehta Got Kissed

There’s a True ‘Opal’ in Here, Somewhere

A little-known fact about Harvard students is that we hate each other almost as much as the rest of the

War-Torn Warriors

Co-Chair: Elizabeth W. Green ’06 When I first met Elizabeth, I made the mistake of calling her “Liz.” I rue

A Final Editor's Note from Elizabeth W. Green

By the time you hold this magazine in your hands, I will be holding something else in mine: a very

Crowds Turned Away at Lamont Celebration

Hundreds of students who came to celebrate Lamont Library’s new late-night hours could not get inside the doors last night,

This Is Work?

At 11 p.m. last Saturday night, a Harvard College administrator had to stop and wince. He was standing at the

Eight Weeks in America

"It’s Monday,” said the keyboardist at a crowded bar in Nashville, Tennessee. “You have all week to repent for this.”


Matt J. Glazer ’06 and Andrew H. Golis ’06 passed many of the hours they spent driving listening to the

An Unintentional Education

Over the eight weeks of their trip this summer, Matthew J. Glazer ’06 and Andrew H. Golis ’06 visited countless

Dark Chapter Comes for ‘The Boy Who Lived’

It could have gone so, so wrong, this Harry Potter thing. The best-selling book series in the world contains lines

Gadfly: The Week in Buzz

MAKING OUT: STILL FUN A smorgasbord of singers—Kroks and Dins, Pitches and the Hasty Pudding Theatrical Company—headed to Bermuda over

How Much Confidence Don’t They Have?

On Tuesday, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences voted by a narrow margin to confuse people everywhere. It’s not that

Gadfly: This Week in Buzz

LESS FUNNY, MORE SAD Lynn Cheney, Joe Lieberman, and Tipper Gore, you triumvirate of wisdom, you: the moment of vindication

Liberated or Just Lame?

“There are three kinds of qualities that a woman can exhibit,” a male friend once told me over lunch. “Attractive,