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Why whine?

I’m too nice on my CUE guides. I don’t know if it’s the eternal optimist in me saying that the

An Anxious April

In 43 days, I will no longer have a convenient answer to drop-down online questionnaires. The soothing action of clicking

Kinky Boots

Directed by Julian Jarrold Buena Vista Pictures 3 stars Charlie Price’s first attempt to craft boots for the flamboyant transvestite

Defending Mediocrity

When I first saw Cambridge four years ago, I was hooked. I had found my “college town.” I eagerly awaited

Spring Breakout

Last week, as my friends and I boarded the plane for the sunny climates of our spring break destination, we

In Defense of Geekdom

Sitting around with my friends watching our latest junk TV craving, “Beauty and the Geek,” I realized that maybe, just

Sectional Thinking

For Harvard students, there are few greater delights than hearing our own voices, and section is the great playground for

Curious George

Directed by Matthew O’ Callaghan (Universal Pictures) Although still lovable and the epitome of cute, Matthew O’ Callaghan’s “Curious George”