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Gordon Cairnie 1895-1973

G ORDON CAIRNIE is not a proper subject for an obituary. He was much too alive ever to die, and


T HE AUDIENCE STILL STANDS for "God Save the Queen," and they send her victorious, happy and glorious before every

Not by Bed Alone

When I am arranging all that madness that unleashes the spectators' glee. I am not amused by it. I keep

The Taxi

Violette Leduc's death last month was not accompanied by any of the usual obsequies reserved for Literary Figures. Genet has

Living the Nightmare--Up Close

T HE LUNATICS are running the asylum these days, and lunacy is its own reward, sanity the only true crime.

Cole Porter Redivivus

F OR SOMEONE who used to be Dean Acheson's roommate, Cole Porter has come a long way. In the Grand

Yeomen of the Guard

S OME CRITIC has said that the basic action of comedy on the stage goes something like this: boy meets

Ancestors and Immigrants

J AMES MICHAEL CURLEY'S second-youngest son came to my grandfather's wake. You may remember the caricature of this son in

September Song

T HAT WHIRRING NOISE you hear is Kurt Weill spinning in his grave. When he and Bertolt Brecht wrote Threepenny