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The First 100 Years

I t was not supposed to succeed. All of its predecessors had failed. The Faculty and administration were resistant to

Gordon Cairnie 1895-1973

G ORDON CAIRNIE is not a proper subject for an obituary. He was much too alive ever to die, and


T HE AUDIENCE STILL STANDS for "God Save the Queen," and they send her victorious, happy and glorious before every

Not by Bed Alone

When I am arranging all that madness that unleashes the spectators' glee. I am not amused by it. I keep

The Taxi

Violette Leduc's death last month was not accompanied by any of the usual obsequies reserved for Literary Figures. Genet has

Living the Nightmare--Up Close

T HE LUNATICS are running the asylum these days, and lunacy is its own reward, sanity the only true crime.

Cole Porter Redivivus

F OR SOMEONE who used to be Dean Acheson's roommate, Cole Porter has come a long way. In the Grand

Yeomen of the Guard

S OME CRITIC has said that the basic action of comedy on the stage goes something like this: boy meets

Ancestors and Immigrants

J AMES MICHAEL CURLEY'S second-youngest son came to my grandfather's wake. You may remember the caricature of this son in

September Song

T HAT WHIRRING NOISE you hear is Kurt Weill spinning in his grave. When he and Bertolt Brecht wrote Threepenny


Buffalo Bill: Did you really think that the buffalo would return magically? Sitting Bull: It seemed no less likely than

With Harold Scott

Hal Scott sat next to me at lunch last Friday and talked about theatre. There was no need for an

Evening of Ravel

M AURICE RAVEL was the composer for his time and his country. In France when the American exiles had taken

Faculty Members Take Their Tea--And Their Time

And would I, after tea and cakes and ices. Have the strength to force the moment to its crisis? The

Julius Caesar

A s far as I know, there is no technical term for the fear some directors have of opening scenes,