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Michigan, Coach Bo and The Game

Jason McDevitt was short. He had a high voice. We called him Mickey, as in the mouse. Such is the

Who's Helping Whom?

T HE 1930s were the heyday for the nation's Black colleges. In the midst of a society commited to segregation,

A Paranoid Pledge

I T is unfortunate and unsettling to hear the vice president of the United States taunting his opponent for vetoing

Is Quayle a Boom or a Bust?

T HE Baby Boomers saw their political leaders murdered, first President Kennedy, then Dr. King and then Bobby Kennedy. In

The Murder-Suicide of Abe Fortas' Political Career

Fortas: The Rise and Ruin of a Supreme Court Justice By Bruce Allen Murphy 598 pp. William Morrow, $25.00 A

"Yeah, Gimme a Light"

N OW it's one thing to rail against astroturf. It's even understandable to get upset about the dreaded domed stadium.

The Search for Czars

S OME time ago, it became part of the conventional wisdom to suggest that the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson would

Revealing the Private

Harvard Diary: Reflections on the Sacred and the Secular By Robert Coles, $16.95. New York: Crossroads, 204 pp. I N

What Jesse Has to Do

A LTERNATELY hostile and accommodating in the past few weeks, Jesse Jackson has caused little trouble for his party. While