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Loss of Faculty To Hurt Study Of Middle Ages

The large number of professors specializing in the Middle Ages expected to retire in the next few years may create

Anti-War Leader Discusses New Role

Sam Brown, a former anti-war activist who is now the director of VISTA and the Peace Corps, spoke to a

Congress Includes Professors In Retirement Age Legislation

A House-Senate conference committee yesterday agreed on a compromise version of the controversial Age Discrimination Bill, which includes a provision

Before the Core: The History of General Education at Harvard

Who could possibly prefer Chem 20 to "the major religious and philosophical conceptions of man"? In the abstract, it is

Corporation Approves Tuition Increase

The Harvard Corporation last week approved a $500 increase in tuition and room and board fees, bringing the yearly cost

Legislation May Affect Tenure System

College faculty members will almost certainly not be exempted from Congressional legislation--bogged down in a Senate-House conference committee since September--which

Dunster House Celebrates Kwanza Festival

The Dunster House Black Table is celebrating this week an African harvest festival known as Kwanza. Each night, members of

Horror Stories

I F JOYCE CAROL OATES is any indication, modern literature has entered a stage of terminal morbidity. Oates' picture of

Walzer Speaks On Democracy And Socialism

The goals of socialism can withstand disillusionment where the activism of the '60s failed, Michael L. Walzer, professor of Government,