Soccer Team Rallies for 3-1 Win, First Over Big Green in Seven Years

Tied for Ivy Lead

The Crimson soccer team rallied to defeat Dartmouth yesterday and established itself as the leading contender for the Ivy League championship.

Held scoreless for the first three periods and for ten minutes into the final quarter, the Crimson attack finally produced a goal when Grey Hodnett scored at 10:02 to tie the game at 1 to 1. Then Shad Tubman scored twice more, and the team was home safe with a 3-1 victory.

The win, following six consecutive losses to the Indians, gave the Crimson two victories, no losses in the Ivy League and moved the team into a first-place tie with Pennsylvania. The Quakers, who topped Dartmouth 4 to 3 last Saturday, meet third-place Yale (one win, no losses) this morning in Philadelphia.

Most significant in the uphill triumph was not breaking the long losing streak against New England's perennial leaders. Nor was it the continued excellence of the Crimson halfbacks and fullbacks in thwarting the Green forwards. The most important development of yesterday's game was an attack that controlled play for almost the entire 88 minutes and continued to fire on the Indian goal until it scored. And even then kept on firing.

The game began inauspiciously as the Dartmouth line displayed precise passing that was too accurate for the home team to break. The Indians' two Norwegian aces, Bernt and Egil Stigum, pressed the defense continuously and Bernt scored at 5:15 of the first period on a pass from Captain Wally Pugh.

After perhaps three more minutes the tide turned and the victors began to press Dartmouth goalie Clint Malin.

The story of the second and third periods was one of frustration. Fine drives downfield came to nothing when shots were missed or blocked.

In the fourth period the attack was even stronger, and now it could not be denied. Hodnett tied the score on a fine pass from John Hadik. Tubman's goal-hanging tactics finally paid off when he took a long pass from Ken McIntosh and tallied at 13:45, and he scored again at 20:25 after a short head pass by MacVeagh.

It was a strong, healthy Dartmouth team that lost, and a large measure of the credit must go to fullback Don Beaver, who played his finest game of the year, and to goalies Lindsay Fischer, injured in the third period, and Elliot Finkelstein, who replaced him. With a more decisive defeat of the Green than Penn got, the Crimson ranks as the team to beat in the Ivy League. The Quakers will get the chance a week from today.

Yardling center-half George Robinson scored a third-quarter goal on a penalty kick to break up a scoreless tie, as the freshman soccer team defeated Dartmouth, 1 to 0, for its first victory of the season.CRIMSONDavid H. RhinelanderTubman, Hodnett Score in Final Quarter In top picture Dartmouth's captain, WALLY PUGH (42) heads the ball which has just passed the Crimson's GREY HODNETT (16). CHARLTON MacVEAGH of the winners watches on right, DICK FISHER (17 H) on left. Three unidentified Indians close in for an attempted kill. Below, Dartmouth's high-scoring EGIL STIGUM tackles STACEY HOLMES of the victors as MacVeagh comes up behind. SHAD TUBMAN, left, follows the play.