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The General Education Program, A Qualified Success

Gen Ed," the term that dominates of Harvard education, was probably coined by some freshman or sophomore 15 years ago.

New York's Walden School Tests New Science Teaching Methods

The proper teaching of science is probably the greatest problem before American secondary education. Yet the schools must not only

The Four Years of '58

September, 1954, was not a particularly important juncture in the history of Harvard University. Nor, for that matter, does June,

Handlin Scans Al Smith With One Eye on 1960

"Can a Catholic ever be President of the United States?" This is the question posed by this thin little book,

Red Students To Visit U.S. This Summer

Forty Russian youths will visit the United States this summer, while a like number of American students will tour the

Sunrise at Campobello

Dore Schary's new play succeeds both as drama and history. Dealing with Franklin Roosevelt's poliomyelitis attack, his recuperation, and his

Soc. Sci. Field Awards Fewest Summa Degrees

"Summa cum laude" degrees are harder to win in the Social Sciences than in the Natural Sciences or the Humanities,

Bundy Urges No Drop In Admissions Numbers

Dean Bundy insisted yesterday that the size of the incoming class should not be reduced. Bundy said he saw no

Elis Annihilate Crimson by Record 54-0

NEW HAVEN, Nov. 23-- Some well-spirited Yalie walking out of the Bowl just described this afternoon's exhibition as "Yale's greatest

Varsity Cross-Country Takes Twelfth in IC4A

NEW YORK, Nov. 18--Pete Reider set a fast early pace, but fell back and finished nineteenth in this afternoon's IC4A

Cornell Favored by 12 Points In Yovicsin's Opening Contest

For the first time all year a Soldiers Field policeman yesterday asked reporters for identification before admitting them to practice.

Program Has Received $20 Million in Pledges

The Program for Harvard College is rolling right along on schedule with collections up to expectations as the big push

Bolles Desires Remedy For Lost Ticket Books

Athletic Ticket booklets may not be irreplaceable after all. Thomas D. Bolles, director of Athletics, said yesterday that he hoped

The Grading System: Its Defects Are Many

"Grades in courses are a necessary evil, but for the exceptionally qualified student they might not be necessary"--Kenneth B. Murdock

General Education: Its Qualified Success

"Gen Ed," the term that dominates talk of Harvard education, was probably coined by some freshman or sophomore ten years