House Judicial Boards Will Replace Disbanded Board of Hall Presidents

The Radcliffe Board of Hall Presidents, which deals with serious infringements of the College's social rules, was "temporarily disbanded" Thursday by the RGA.

The Board will be replaced by three House Judicial Boards. Since the individual house judiciaries were established, the role of the Board of Hall Presidents, which was composed of the 33 dormitory presidents, has been seriously diminished.

The Board of Hall has done "virtually nothing" during the last year, Gail Thain, the chairman, said yesterday. "All our business has been taken away by the Judicial Boards," she added.

The House Boards now assume the role of the extinct Board of Hall in treating social violations that deserve a penalty of more than five social pro's each of which requires staying in one weekend night. The case is brought up by the "defendant's dormitory president. A girl who feels that her dormitory committee has judged an infringement unfairly may also appeal to the House Judicial Board. The Boards consist, with some variation in each House, of the dormitory presidents, the house dean, and the head resident of the accused student.