Film Has 'Just Cause' for Square Shots

Connery, Underwood to Star in Movie From Warner Bros.

As one "outraged" Harvard student of the Class of 1995 put it, the "liberal Hollywood connection is at work again."

The final shots for the upcoming Warner Brothers' film "Just Cause," the release date of which is currently unknown, were filmed in Harvard Square last night.

According to key grip Herb L. Ault, whose job still remains a mystery even to those who write about the movie industry, the film stars Sean Connery as a Harvard Law professor.

Connery's character is being summoned by the grandmother of an accused child rapist and murderer to come to south Florida to save her grandson from the electric chair.

The film also stars Lawrence Fishburne and Ed Harris. Ruby Dee plays the grandmother of Blair Underwood, who stars as the accused child molester. According to Ault, "Just Cause" will be the feature film debut of the former "L.A. Law" star.

None of the well-known stars were in the Square last night, however, according to those working on the filming.

Most probably it will be the film debut of Luko, the Bob Marley look-alike who had apparently made the Harvard T stop pit his own personal lounge. Some of the movie makers, when asked about the film, advised the curious to "go watch Luko for the next two hours" in order to get their cameo.

Some people who came upon the scene were asking the questions while other passersby answered them.

As this reporter was waiting to speak with a movie maker, one man came by to ask a question. Upon being met with a lack of knowledge, he proceeded to inform this reporter of the answers to his own questions.

For others, the filming was more than just a chance to stop and rubberneck.

Thomas H. Witt of Winchester, Mass. said he felt "like an ass" when his car broke down in the middle of where the filming was taking place.

His cohorts in embarrassment were taking their predicament a bit more lightly. Amy Galatis, also of Winchester, said "if the car ever blew up we'd be famous. They'd have to identify us with dental records."

Adding to Witt's frustration, however, was the fact that his parents did not know he was in Harvard Square in their car.

According to the other stranded passenger, Demetra Barlas, Witt's parents think the Square is "too dangerous"--although not as dangerous as it would have been if they had been filming "Blown Away II," as three onlookers commented.

"All of this [hubbub] is typical for big street scenes," key grip Ault said, eating Chinese food brought to him by the equally mysterious "best boy."