A Clear Choice: Glazer/Capp For UC

There are two tickets—Matthew J. Glazer ’06 and Clay T. Capp ‘06 or Tracy “Ty” Moore II ’06 and Ian W. Nichols ’06—that can win this election and Harvard undergrads have a choice: do we want a strong student voice or a silent seat at the table? Do we want leadership capable of effecting change, or talking heads who have yet to learn how the College works? We need Matt and Clay.

Do not be dismissive of this election, the stakes are extremely high. The next President and Vice President of the Undergraduate Council will sit across the table from University President Lawrence H. Summers and the deans and determine the present and future of your school. The next President and Vice President of the council will be responsible for over $400,000 of your money. The next President and Vice President of the council will be responsible for changing the administration’s unfortunate mentality toward student life that prevents Harvard from feeling like your home.

All three campaigns have similar ideas. Matt and Clay’s competitors agree with their demand for 24-hour library access, a change in dining hall hours, a student voice in the Curricular Review. Each of the candidates means well: they are good people, some are friends of ours. The question students must ask themselves is: which of the two tickets can deliver on their promises?

The contrasts between the candidates couldn’t be clearer. Matt and Clay have a history of fighting to improve student life on campus. As the head of the council’s Student Affairs Committee, Matt forced the administration to give us Universal Keycard Access, and successfully demanded that the administration and the City of Cambridge install bluelight phones in Cambridge Common to make you safer. Matt convinced the administration to remove add/drop fees for students to save you money.

Matt personally reformed the $25,000 Student Activities Fund to deliver more money to student groups. Moore’s leadership experience consists of three months as the Vice President of a student group. When asked, at the council debate, what channels of communication he would use to access Harvard administrators and faculty, he was confused and answered: “phone and email.” He didn’t answer that simple question. Matt has experience convincing the administration to listen to students, working different channels of communication in different deans’ offices to achieve students’ goals.

The contrast between Clay and Ian could not be clearer. Clay led the council in two important roles. As the council’s Liaison to student organizations, Clay ensured that their interests were brought to the administration and to the council. As the council’s Treasurer, he has cleaned up the mess of bounced checks written by his predecessor.

Clay initiated a new era of fiscal responsibility by requiring weekly, detailed reports of the council’s finances and by finally balancing the council’s books. Nichols, who supposedly brings council experience and legitimacy to his ticket, was expelled from the council last year for his poor attendance. While Clay led, Nichols wasn’t there.

Finally, Matt and Clay present a unique partnership. Unlike any other ticket, they offer a ticket of not only working partners, but close friends. Unless a President and Vice President can successfully work together, their administration will struggle. Matt and Clay offer a team that can work together successfully for students, each offering different and important experiences but always working together.

This is your choice: an experienced, strong voice for students or an inexperienced, silent seat at the negotiating table. We need Matt and Clay. Matt and Clay will lead the council, the council will be your voice and the administration will listen. Led by Matt and Clay, the council will improve your lives.

Matt and Clay will force the administration to stop ignoring the crisis of student space. They will raise the standards for TFing and advising to improve your academic experience. They will ensure that students have a strong voice in the Curricular Review and the development of Allston. They will continue to reform the council’s finances to better spend your money. They will fight to expand dining hall and library hours, better fitting your needs. They will improve funding for House Committees and student groups, while holding exciting campus wide events. They will make the council better accessible and more open, so that it’s yours.

When your choice is between the effective leadership and proven record of Matt and Clay and the lack of experience of their opponents, you quickly realize that there is no choice at all. Matt and Clay, with your help, will continue their impressive work. Matt Glazer and Clay Capp will expand and improve your school, will wisely and judiciously utilize your money and will, at last, make Harvard feel like your home.

Jack P. McCambridge ’06 is a government concentrator in Winthrop House. Andrew H. Golis ’06 is a Social Studies concentrator living in Winthrop House. Kristi L. Jobson ’06 is a Social Studies concentrator living in Lowell House.