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Wake Up

As I walked into the Science Center earlier this semester, I was confronted by a motley mob of students, all

Renovating the Forum

On May 7, the Harvard undergraduate progressive community will come together at 45 Mt. Auburn to decide the fate of

The Third Reason to Celebrate

The first, and most important, two reasons to celebrate divestment should be well known to you now. First and foremost,

The Leftie Language Translator

I don’t usually fancy myself much of an inventor, not since my failed Homework Machine of the early nineties. Even

Busy, Boring People

Please raise your hand if you have scheduled “free time” with your closest friends. Keep your hand up if you

I Hate Being Wrong

I hate being wrong. No, really, I despise it. Ask anyone who knows me and they’re likely to chuckle knowingly

Leadership, Larry and the Left

Soon after University President Lawrence H. Summers made his now infamous remarks in January, I sent an email to a

A Clear Choice: Glazer/Capp For UC

There are two tickets—Matthew J. Glazer ’06 and Clay T. Capp ‘06 or Tracy “Ty” Moore II ’06 and Ian