SPORTS BRIEFS: Senior heads to Indiana for NCAA tournament, finishes in 227th place

Senior Tim Galebach took a pre-holiday trip to Indiana yesterday, travelling to the Wabash Valley Family Sports Center to compete in his first NCAA tournament, which was held on the LaVern Gibson Championship Course.

Galebach, competing in the 10k, completed the course in 34:17:8, for a 227th-place finish out of 250 competitors.

The winner, Brigham Young’s Josh Rohatinksy, posted a time of 30:44.9.

In team competition, Colorado scored a runaway victory, capturing the team trophy with a total of 94 points.

Wisconsin finished in second, totalling 142 points, with Iona coming in third with a score of 173.

The Harvard indoor track and field team will begin its season on Dec. 2, hosting Boston College at Gordon track.