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Free Storage for All

The College should recognize the financial difficulties faced by college students and do all it can to minimize these costs for students


A Tenable Increase

As an isolated instance, the increase in tuition will likely have a minimal effect on Harvard.


A Virtual House of Cards

While there has not been any evidence that hackers exploited the bug to gain access to unauthorized information, the thought that the world’s most technologically sophisticated companies were unaware of a major security flaw for two years is not reassuring.


A Rightful Revocation

To say that rethinking Hirsi Ali’s honorary degree discourages academic discourse could not be further from the truth. In fact, the push to revoke Hirsi Ali’s degree was organized by students at Brandeis, and we commend these students for opening discussion their school’s administrative choices.


Progress Without Divestment

While we understand the urgent necessity of environmental activism and awareness, Harvard would be better served by addressing these concerns in ways other than divestment.


Keep Funding Excellence

While the distribution of NIH funding may not be a perfect system, it is nevertheless a meritocracy.


Internship or Internment?

Harvard, colleges like it, and organizations across the nation should support internships that pay as much in money as they do in intangibles.


An Immodest Proposal

There is little reason why universities like Harvard should be targeted more than other high-wealth institutions.


Fixing Sexual Assault Response

While it’s significant that President Faust acknowledged the scale of the problem of sexual assault at Harvard, the task force must make serious recommendations that the University is willing to implement if Harvard is to improve. An endless number of panels and working groups have been formed to study this issue, with frustratingly little to show for it. This time must be different.


Reform and Restructure General Education

Many students dislike the current General Education program.


Don’t Boycott the DoubleTree

A central aim of the boycott is to influence the DoubleTree management’s choice between two legal unionization processes. That alone does not warrant intervention by Harvard.


Keep It in the Classroom

Freedom of expression in the classroom--both for students and for faculty--is crucial to learning.


Make the Best of Early Action

Harvard should continue to strive to improve outreach strategies and scope of students reached in order to prevent early action from disproportionately advantaging those with more resources.


Toward a Fairer System

The relationship between colleges and student-athletes has long resembled that of an employer and employee, and the NLRB ruling simply formalizes this reality.


Sustainable Online Learning

HBX differs from its counterpart in its exclusivity and premium price—neither of which characterize edX. Nonetheless, it fits the broader spirit of using modern technology to share a Harvard education beyond Cambridge.

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Awkward Eye Contact

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