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Which 5.9 Percent?

For which precocious 17- and 18-year-olds should Harvard throw open the gates?


The College Outside the Classroom

Just because a skill cannot be taught in a lab or lecture does not mean it is not worth learning.


Doing Better

The College’s policies for disciplining sexual assault, although currently under revision, have not been updated since 1993, and remain inadequate.

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1964 Reunion Issue Cover Color

1964 Reunion Issue

50 years ago, the College mourned a 'Son of Harvard,' watched one of its own arrested for civil rights protestation in Georgia, and lived through "The Great Harvard Sex Scandal." This week, the Class of 1964 reunites on campus for its 50th reunion.

1989 Reunion Issue Cover BW

1989 Reunion Issue

25 years ago, HUCTW celebrated its first contract, the College's Housing system came under fire, and men's hockey won Harvard its only national championship in history. This week, the Class of 1989 reunites on campus for its 25th reunion.

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Year in Sports

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Year in Photos

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Capital Campaign

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Commencement 2014

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Year in Review


Commence the Protests

Rather than naming a name and then sitting silent, universities should play a more active role in refereeing the campus discussion.


Accurate, Sophisticated, Helpful?

Harvard is attempting to remedy a much more complex issue by attacking a mere symptom of the problem.

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Senior Section


Pondering Privilege

Sensitivity cannot be taught in a classroom—it comes from personal interactions and contemplation.

A World Cup Malcontent

A World Cup Malcontent


Then Rain Comes


Rainy Day Impression


Saudade, or Nostalgia