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Gamelan, Making Music in Hilles

Did you love banging on pots and pans as a child? Have an urge to catch the vibe of resonating gongs, melodious chimes, or reverberating drums? Then you need to check out Gamelan—a type of Indonesian music being offered on campus with artist-in-residence Jody Diamond.

Are We Unethical? Probably.

Look at your life.

You have two exams next week. Your boyfriend just broke up with you because he didn’t like that lipstick that you use (but really because you know that that he’s eying that girl in his “Justice” section). Your friends think you’re an alcoholic.

Now look to the person to the next on you. He’s on Facebook—and he does not care about your plight (or so says a recent Harvard study).

Basically, people who use the internet are inconsiderate, according to a study conducted by Harvard professor Howard E. Gardner '65. After all, did you think about the musician and the product he created when you decided to torrent all his music? This question is one asked by Carrie James, Research Director at the Harvard School of Education, in a presentation she made on Tuesday at The Mashable & 92Y Social Good Summit 2010.

Need a Bike? You Can Still Bid on One.

Looking for a speedier way to get to the Quad or an environmentally friendly vehicle for touring the area? The Phillips Brooks House Association is ready to supply you with your very own bicycle (or even a moped)—but you’ll have to be the highest bidder to get one.

On Saturday, Harvard’s largest public service organization will hold its annual bike auction to raise money for its programs. PBHA Events Fundraiser Nadia L. Farjood ’13 (who is also a Crimson news writer) informed us that 35 to 40 bikes will be available for bidding, as well as spare parts like wheels and handlebars for the fixer-upper types out there. There is also one big prize—a flashy moped.

More Zuckerberg Gossip, Just in Time for "The Social Network"

In the days building up to the premiere of "The Social Network" next Friday, all news related to Facebook founder Mark E. Zuckerberg has become as interest-piquing and potentially scandalous as your friend's latest Facebook photo album. Here, you can avoid those incriminating pictures for a few more minutes and engage in some Zuckerberg gossip instead.

Zuckerberg’s recently released texts and e-mails—which were printed on Monday on—concern one of his co-founders, Eduardo L. Saverin '05, who later left the business.

Running Routes

Whether you want to blow off some steam after a six-hour pset session, get acquainted with the beautiful Cambridge outdoors, or are simply suffering from post-Annenberg fro-yo guilt, running around Harvard is a terrific solution. Not only are there spreads of scenic and quaint neighborhoods in our backyard, endless bike paths and sidewalks grace the entire Cambridge community. As fall approaches this is the perfect time to take advantage of cool breezes and autumn’s incredible foliage!

$1 Scoops at J.P. Licks

It's only Tuesday, and you're already too tired for class? Here's a reason to smile: J.P. Licks is giving out $1 scoops today until midnight if you have a college ID. You can get one, two, or as many scoops as you'd like, for just $1 each.

Donate Your Blood!

In the break between your morning and afternoon classes this Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, you may decide to go back to your room for a quick nap or even get a bit of reading done. Or you could save three lives.

Two Free Events That Are Coming Up

As Harvard students, the two things we enjoy most are learning and free stuff. But with everything happening all at once both on campus and in the Boston area, it's easy to go through the year as overwhelmed as a freshman during Opening Days.

So we decided to give you the heads-up on two free events at museums in the area—just in case you wanted to add a little downtime to your iCal.

Reminder: Add/Drop Deadline (Without a Fee) Is Today

If you still haven’t made up your mind on which classes to take, keep in mind that the deadline to add or drop a course without paying a fee is today.

Don’t worry, though. If you're on the fence about a class, you can still tinker around with your schedule until Oct. 4, although you’ll have to pay a $10 fee.

You can pick up change-of-course forms at your resident dean's office, the Freshman Dean’s Office, or the Registrar’s Office. They require signatures from your academic adviser and your resident dean, and if you're doing anything besides dropping a course, the instructor of your class will have to sign the form too.

So if you want to make a switch while not spending that hard-earned dough, make sure to get those forms signed soon.

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