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Ancient Eight Goes Bar Hopping

February 11, 2011

With the race for the Ivy League championship reaching its midpoint this weekend, each member of the Ancient Eight is beginning to show its personality. At this stage, teams adopt a certain character—much like how bars and pubs craft an identity—that becomes the hallmark of their season. As almost half the conference schedule has elapsed, the time for a power ranking has come, and, in the spirit of spirits, each team is paired with its Cambridge bar doppelganger.

Starting at the bottom, Dartmouth and Cornell are sharing a scorpion bowl at the Hong Kong. The last time I went to the Kong, my coat was stolen. The time before, a person at the table next to me threw up and ran away. His friend slipped in the pile of puke, bumped into the emergency exit, and set off the alarm. Yup, pretty much sums up Dartmouth and Cornell.

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Harvard To Play Tigers, Quakers

February 04, 2011

Road trips are a part of America’s fabric. Think of all the stories, through each generation, that take place on the road: “Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” “The Grapes of Wrath,” “As I Lay Dying,” “Lolita,” “On the Road,” “The Road” (to name just a few classics). The open road has always been an outlet for America’s wanderlust, unfolding before its people as a frontier of discovery and imagination.

Of course, an hour into any trip, the road begins to lose its mystique.

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Crimson To Face Lions, Big Red

January 28, 2011

During Shopping Week, it takes me roughly the first five minutes of a class to decide whether or not I’ll take the course. The rest of the class time is what Shopping Week is really all about: watching everybody else in the room.

It’s only natural. If I decide not to take the course, then I’d obviously rather scout the crowd for underclassmen talent than listen to the professor lecture on “bore-ophyll.” And if I do choose to take the class, it’s only the first week, so the material is not as important as whether any Kirkland queens might potentially be in my section.

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League Plays A Waiting Game

November 05, 2010

On a few occasions this week, I’ve caught myself sitting in my room overcome with a very unfamiliar feeling: boredom. It’s the one strange week of the semester where everything has seemed to grind to a halt, and though I know the next stress cycle is just around the corner, I can’t help but be entranced by this magical feeling of having nothing of substance to do.

November at Harvard is a month of being in between. We’re stuck between fall and winter, between Halloween and the Game, between midterms and finals. And in Ancient Eight football, things are no different.

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Ancient Eight Hit TV Waves

October 28, 2010

When you’re surfing through the channels this Saturday afternoon searching for the Missouri-Nebraska or the Michigan St.-Iowa football games, don’t be too surprised if you come across a pair of matchups that might seem better suited for a quiz bowl than a football game.

This weekend, two Ivy League contests will be coming to a living room near you. The matchup between Columbia and Yale will be broadcast on the YES Network, and Harvard will face Dartmouth on NESN.

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