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Around The Ivies: Plot Twists Ahead

5 hours ago

You know that inevitable scene in House where all the young doctors think their patient has Lupus? Or maybe you’d relate better with CSI, and that moment you know is coming 30 minutes in when they bring in a suspect. It’s never Lupus, and that first guy never did it.

That scene always seems so scripted, right? So fake. But it’s not. It’s probably the most realistic scene in the series. That scene is all around us, playing out every day.

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Around the Ivies: One of These Schools is Not Like the Others

October 10, 2014

Cornell does not belong in the Ivy League. 

Actually, let me back up for a second.

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Penn-Dartmouth Headlines Weekend of Ivy League Play

October 03, 2014

Efficiency. I’m a fan.

So with the University administration asking for student thoughts on the General Education program and fans wondering about the state of the Ivy League, I figured I would help both at the same time.

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Crimson Fireworks Expected in Providence

September 26, 2014

The Harvard football team’s road trip to Brown can go wrong for the Crimson in one of three foreseeable ways.

1. While in Providence, senior quarterback Conner Hempel falls in love with [indie band you haven’t heard of] before Saturday night’s game, shaves half his head, gets a nose ring, and vows to devote no more time to mainstream frivolities like playing football.

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Yale, Handsome Dan Stand in Way of Tournament Berth

March 07, 2014

It won’t be The Game in New Haven this Friday, but it will be something close.

On the last weekend of Ivy League play, Harvard heads to Yale with the opportunity to celebrate a third straight championship. The Bulldogs need to win twice and hope Harvard drops Saturday’s game in Providence to force a playoff. The first step will come at the Payne Whitney Gymnasium, where the Bulldogs will have a chance to sweep the season series against Harvard. Unlike the football version, I expect better fans than Captain Morgan and Jack Daniels to attend Friday’s all-important game.

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