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AROUND THE IVIES: Men's Basketball Seeks to Expand Lead Atop Ivy League

3 days ago

The penultimate weekend of Ivy League play is upon us, dear reader. The allure of spring break, shining like The Strip in the far distance, is obscured by the impending cloud of midterms and blocking group drama. Housing day teasers have begun to usurp trite Buzzfeed articles on the author’s ever-prescient Facebook Timeline. As muddy ice piles grow, the Brown school newspaper’s blog has debuted a “Lana del Foreplay” column to keep spirits high amongst yet another Derrick Rose injury.

Indeed, it can only be spring.

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Around the Ivies: Chambers Key For the Crimson's Success Down Stretch

10 days ago

Everyone in the gym could see it coming.

As Columbia senior Jeff Coby’s three rattled through the net—completing the Lions’ comeback from a 17-point halftime deficit—junior co-captain Siyani Chambers began motioning for the inbound. Harvard coach Tommy Amaker lets his players play through these situations, trying to catch the defense before it’s set; his floor general was ready to go.

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Around the Ivies: Big Weekend for Yale, Princeton in Ivy Title Pursuit

February 13, 2015

Before getting to the basketball, I want to begin this column with a moment of mourning for the three University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill students who were shot Wednesday—Shaddy Barakat, Yusor Mohammad, and Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha. My thoughts and prayers are with the deceased and their families.  

With that, let’s return to Ivy League basketball, dear reader. 

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AROUND THE IVIES: Men's Basketball To Face Brown and Yale

February 06, 2015

Harvard-Yale is back, and this time Lee Corso is not coming with it.

If you missed last weekend, here’s a quick recap of where the league stands. Harvard swept the Penn/Princeton road trip for the second year in a row to right the ship after a home loss to Dartmouth. It’s been a tough season for the Killer Ps, who have a combined 14-21 record on the season. Consequently, I’ll be rechristening them the Black-Eyed P's from here on out.

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AROUND THE IVIES: Men's Basketball Travels to the Killer P's

January 30, 2015

{image id=1303083 caption=false size=large}

UPDATED: January 30, 2015, at 2:05 a.m.

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