Gnomon Cover

“Gnomon:” Hard Work that Doesn’t Pay Off

​A behemoth of a book, “Gnomon” is almost seven hundred tightly-packed pages, but its complex content is what makes it a difficult read.

Claire Messud

Creative Writing Tips from Harvard’s Faculty

While not every Harvard student will have the opportunity to take their classes, anyone can try their hand at creative writing.

Heart Berries Cover

In ‘Heart Berries,’ an Important Narrative Overshadows Amatuer Execution

This book is an exciting step forward for representation in literature, and the arts in general.

Six of Crows Cover

Top 5: Young Adult Novels with Diverse Romances

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, here are the five Young Adult books that feature diverse romances.

Feel Free Cover

Zadie Smith Sets Herself Free in ‘Feel Free’

As she delves into the intimacies of her life, Smith reveals an underlying vulnerability beneath the confidence with which she writes, resulting in a letter to those she’s both loved and lost.

Jane Austen Illustration

‘Persuasion’ 200 Years Later: Persuading Others To Rethink Jane Austen

The book’s 200th anniversary seems as good a time as any to reflect on its brilliance and quiet power.

Henrietta Lacks HBO Still 1

“The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks:” The Scientific and the Sentimental

In honor of Black History Month, it is important to recognize Lacks’ impact on science and discuss the portrayal of the Lacks family both on the page and on the screen.


Levitsky, Ziblatt To Talk Trump as Part of New Gov. Dept. Program

​Government professors Stephen R. Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt will discuss their bestselling book, “How Democracies Die," at a "Gov Books" event on Wednesday.

American Marriage Cover

'An American Marriage:' Emotionally Raw

Jones creates a beautifully sad story that will invariably lead to an emotional hangover.

Heart Spring Mountain

'Heart Spring Mountain:' Slow, Short, and Sincere

The story slowly weaves through several generations of the same family, exposing how the past influences the present. Although MacArthur has written a narrative filled with compelling reflections on the past’s impact and global warming’s repercussions, the present plot offers very little action. This is a novel more focused on thought than experience.

"Cat Person"

‘Cat Person’ Should Make You Uncomfortable

Fiction is supposed to identify what makes us human.

When a Man Falls cover

'What It Means When a Man Falls from the Sky' Balances the Weight of the World and the Lightness of Being

​In the last story of her debut collection “What It Means When a Man Falls From the Sky,” Lesley Nneke Arimah writes: “Girls with fire in their bellies will be forced to drink from a well of correction till the flames die out.” Arimah’s stories are full of such girls at every stage of life, who possess every type of fire.

Into the water cover

'Into the Water' Is A Diluted Thriller

The curse of the sophomore slump holds true for Hawkins, as “Into the Water” falls short as a disappointing follow-up to “Girl on the Train.”​

Marlena cover

‘Marlena’ A Strong Warning For Teens

“Marlena”’s painful story works because it is also brutally honest. It successfully scares off teens who are tempted by drugs and alcohol but does not feel preachy because Buntin never tells her readers to avoid this lifestyle.

Khizr Khan

Khizr Khan Discusses ‘An American Family’ at First Parish Church

A skilled raconteur, Khan captivated event-goers with reflections on his early reverence of the United States, the events leading up to his famed speech, and the upstanding character of his late son Captain Humayun Khan.